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Welcome to the European Royals Message Board! This is a forum for serious discussions about the European royal and princely families (i.e. reigning, former reigning and princely/mediatised families). Discussions on the Imperial houses of Brazil and Mexico are allowed due to their European roots. The board is passwordprotected. Contact the administrator in order to get a username and password. Please note that offensive messages will lead to the membership being banned. The inclusion of copyrighted material in messages without permission is prohibited. Please do not use the board for commercial activities. The board language is English. See also "Playing Nice on Usenet" (in parts also relevant for the board). The administrator can be contacted at

Selected newsgroups and boards:, The Benelux Royals Message Board, the British Royals Message Board, the Franco-Iberian Royals Message Board, the Nobiliana Forum, Royal News and Views, Royal Reading and the Scandinavian Royals Message Board. For other message boards, go here. Blogs:, Royal Musings, Trond Norén Isaksen and Dag Trygsland Hoelseth. For other blogs, go here.

The European Royals Message Board was launched on Friday 23 February 2001.

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