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    Posted by rusholme on 2/9/2021, 8:28 pm, in reply to "Reid"

    Agreed. He seems like a nice lad, but unfortunately is probably not of the caliber we need right now from a 'main' striker. Rather I see him as a good option to have on the bench. Even when he was scoring plenty in the first half of last season I did wonder whether that was the exception rather than the norm - and his goal scoring record at other clubs would also suggest that.
    True, he is not being played in a system that works to his strengths and presumably Quigley was chosen as the first choice to play alongside Madden.
    But it beggars belief that we now find ourselves with no striker on the bench, given our current financial standing and our dozens of support staff and analysts - how did none of them foresee this?
    To be fair to Wilson, perhaps he has been trying to sign a striker behind the scenes which just hasn't worked out for some reason. (On the other hand, perhaps he's been too busy signing defenders that we probably don't need...)

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