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    Posted by Hatter2576 on 2/9/2021, 10:28 am, in reply to "Re: Reid"

    I agree to an extent but you do have to credit him for actually getting the chances. There's an argument he should be busting a gut to play for his shirt but I think he's more intelligent than that, he's played to his strengths in finding the spaces which is no easy task, but - in my opinion - he is just very low on confidence which he and Rusk need to address. As soon as that's back I reckon he'll start finishing chances and we'll see the same striker we were all buzzing about after he signed the contract extension. Let's get behind him - and Hogan (who will now have to earn his place back) - I'm not saying you're wrong in what you say, but we know they can do it. We don't have another striker, with Reid and Madden we have plenty of talent and also the management expertise needed to step up our game.

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