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    Posted by Nik on 2/9/2021, 10:52 am, in reply to "Reid"

    He can clearly score goals at this level, however he was shite on Tuesday.

    This doesn't excuse the two misses, but I see it as he and Madden are the same type of player. Last year, Reid and Bennett was a successful combination and I think this season Quigley and Madden will be successful too. Quigley's the Bennett; Madden's the Reid. When you play two Reid/Madden-type players together then they occupy the same spaces. Madden's trying to compensate for that and drop off to create things but then isn't there to finish off the chances.

    Look at the second chance; we needed Quigley/A.N. Other to be doing what Madden's doing and Madden to be where Reid was. Madden's been guilty of a few misses since he came but you'd rely on him to put those two away, no problem.

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