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Buyers and sellers must remember a few common sense rules that seem pretty obvious:

- If you don't know the seller or if that person has never posted on PenMarket before, ask the readers for feedback on this person.

- Ask the seller to send you multiple images of the pen in question. This will show if this person is posting a fake image or if they actually have the pen in hand.

- If you have any kind of bad feeling about any seller, simply do not conclude the purchase. Better safe than sorry.

- Insist on a safe transactions/payments method that has buyer protection, such as Paypal, do not agree to "Family and Friends" on Paypal as you lose dispute resolutions. Never agree to payment to a third party.

- Have the seller send you image of the shipping label with stamped date and provide tracking information.

- Request that seller add to postage "Signature on delivery" to prove that YOU have received the pen.

- If you have any dispute not resolved, immediately demand refund and advise the seller that if you do not receive the refund promptly you will initiate legal action with shipping authorities, local law enforcement.

The greatest joy, besides finding and buying a long sought pen is perhaps the new friendship of a fellow pen collector.

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