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    Re: Having learned from last week... Archived Message

    Posted by PhilRobbie on 30/1/2021, 12:00 pm, in reply to "Re: Having learned from last week..."

    I am indeed aware that I over indulge my staff.
    What can I say?...Im a decent person.
    Last week for instance I allowed Dingler to root for dimps in my overflowing ashtray and Oaf was granted permission to rummage the wheelie bin for scraps.
    Hampton needed to redeem himself after the Eastleigh debacle so I made him sleep outside in his underwear for a couple of days which is only to be expected.
    Today he has a chance to redeem himself...hence the luxury of a Jaffa cake on his return.
    ....and hes allowed to kip in the shed at the expense of the wheelbarrow.
    They genuinely have no idea how lucky they are!

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