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    Having learned from last week... Archived Message

    Posted by PhilRobbie on 30/1/2021, 10:29 am

    ...Iíve sent Hampton down to Surrey on Oafís bike 3 days ago.
    Iím delighted to say that he arrived there, somewhat exhausted but remarkably in one piece, some 5 hours ago.
    Heís now monitoring the weather conditions and has followed my instructions implicitly.
    The intrepid Hampton is in a field balancing on the top of a step ladder, wrapped from head to foot in Bacofoil and Clutching a 20ft copper pole.
    His phone is permanently turned Iíll be the first to know if thereís any stormy conditions brewing.
    I must say...well done Hampton!
    He may be accident prone and a bit useless but if the last 4 hours are anything to go by, the chap has Ďturned a cornerí and consequently gone up in my estimation!
    There may even be a Jaffa cake instead of a digestive in the shed when he returns!

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