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    Posted by Nik on 25/1/2021, 11:56 am, in reply to "Re: Mr Stott "

    I know, that's what I said.
    I've heard the story from Geoff Horsfield's side as well as Tom Pope's on the podcasts they've done where it's been mentioned.
    What hasn't been mentioned is Jim's side, as he's never spoken on the subject nor has he apparently heard the podcasts.
    Suedehead mentioned on the other board that there is apparently more to it:

    "Horsfield was effectively 'on report' to the chairman/CEO/somebody at the top of the club for previous poor behaviour. As a result, Jim had to fill out an attendance card for Horsfield every day to show that he'd been to training, completed certain tasks etc. I'm not entirely sure what happened with Jim granting time off (think it was for court, possibly as a witness/reference for someone?) but I believe it wasn't Jim's call - it had to go higher up the chain. So Horsfield wasn't there and Jim marked it as him missing from training. I don't know whether Horsfield had told Jim previously he wasn't going to be in, but I don't think Jim was in a position to grant/deny permission to miss the session."

    As I said over there, the truth will lie somewhere in the middle of it all. Horsfield's side is out there to be heard which portrays him favourably (although I use the term loosely given his self-admitted actions) and I'm sure Jim's would too.

    The main point here though, is Jim didn't chuck Horsfield off the coach.

    Bungle by name...

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