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    Posted by Bungle on 25/1/2021, 12:57 am

    For all those questioning him, he's achieved more than anybody on here and Gannon, he hasn't made his money by making bad mistakes.
    Hopefully now we'll see a different brand of football.
    Perhaps the culture will be if you're playing well you play,sticking with players because they played for you before and do what you say even if their no better than players brought in.
    Hopefully now if we sign a player from a club, he plays in the position he was playing not this crap he has to play in 3 or 4 positions.
    Perhaps just perhaps when we won Gannon got all the praise when we won yet when we lost it was down to the players not doing what he said.
    As for people saying I hated Gannon where have I said it, but I have stated the style of football under him was crap,boring and defensive, worrying about the opposition instead of going out and letting the other team's worry about us.
    Now as to those calling people that as they say hate Gannon and calling them gobshites and bedwetters in the past, well in the last few day's I've nothing but vile comments towards Stott far worse than anything towards Gannon and I'm not watching County, well what a bunch of mard arses, don't bother don't think the club will miss you.
    And for Ken Riley when you said your bringing your kids up because Gannon was the be all and end all not cheating,was respectful and all, just remember,a couple of seasons ago he was banned for a dug out brawl, chucking a player of a coach,so not all rosey just to name a few.
    Mr Stott has my support of Stockport County

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