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    Posted by Sandbach Hatter on 25/1/2021, 11:54 am, in reply to "Mr Stott "

    Mark Stott has made his money outside Sport. Being a rich man rewarded by being an expert in one area doesn't make for being an expert in all others. There are obvious cross overs but that is why he appoints people who know what he doesn't.

    Brian Kennedy promised much and part of his initial attraction to some was the size of his bank balance. I'm not for one minute suggesting that Mark Stott has similar motives as a lot of his plans have been very positive and the similarities seem restricted to being very rich. It's unfair to suggest otherwise unless we know him personally.

    Jim, like every football manager who has ever drawn breath, has his faults and most supporters know this. For most of his time he has had to work with restricted budgets so players with the ability to play in other positions has been essential. Perhaps a squad of 30 odd would have enabled him to do so but the result would have seen poorer players arrive.

    I didn't expect for Jim to be here for long due to the way the club was going. It just didn't feel that the structure suited him and vice versa but the manner in his departure which no doubt delighted you annoyed a great manner included mild mannered fans like myself. He deserved better in much the same way that everyone deserves better. How would you feel if your employer treated you in the same way.

    Simon Rusk will get my full support as will Mark Stott. I don't know the full circumstances (though I can hazard a guess) and I don't imagine that he is in the day to day running of the Club.

    I try to take a step back and accept that people have different views. I might be wrong (in your view) but that shouldn't stop me from having an opinion because none of us know absolutely everything. I agree with some things you say whilst disagree with others. It's not a case of being pro or anti Jim.

    Mark Stott may be the finest thing to ever happen to us but time will judge that. I will give him my support to enable him to do so (not that he will need it).

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