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    Re: Can't Believe Archived Message

    Posted by Browny on 22/1/2021, 3:53 am, in reply to "Can't Believe "

    This is my twopennyworth.
    Slagging off the owner, etc without being given the "facts" is less pathetic than claiming without the facts that the owner, etc is right as if this manager has never done owt for the club.
    Every time Jim has taken the manager's reins he has improved this club's fortunes. Every time he has been let go the club has gone rapidly downhill. Those are facts.
    And for the history revisionists, Danny was illegally and immorally sacked by Uncle Brendan's lying ego, and Uncle Brendan also ultimately left us without a pot to piss in. (Who is to say that our current owner isn't "investing" on the same basis.)
    Dave Jones then had the benefit of the team Danny built and couldn't wait to leave us and fk off to the greedy league, with his pick of our players.
    IMHO, we have had two managers who made us a better club/team and with limited resources to do it with. They are Danny and Jim. The decision to sack Jim Gannon is a misguided mistake, to be charitable. What we do not know right now is if it was as treacherous as the sacking of Danny.
    Doesn't look good from the club statement. "decision is not results based but is centred around culture." is nothing more than a slap in the face for a manager to whom the culture within the club could not have been of any more importance.

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