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    Re: Can't Believe Archived Message

    Posted by bang em in bingham on 21/1/2021, 9:47 pm, in reply to "Can't Believe "

    You are correct we do not know the facts we do not know them yet,to assume that Mr Stott has made the correct decision because he controls the purse strings is also wrong and just slightly disingenuous Lets talk about what we do know. Jim Gannon has done a magnificent job over the years both as a player and a manager and understands the culture (funny how that word keeps cropping up)of this great club more than you, me or Mr Stott What we also know is that there are one or two on here who seemingly have never approved of Jim Gannon and will probably be rubbing their hands in glee. It is also so very wrong to start calling out fans who are understandably upset by saying they should be putting the club first. It's sore, it hurts for those fans right now. Not time to be sticking the knife in.

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