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    Posted by mattyovrio on 9/4/2020, 3:20 pm, in reply to "Re: FAO Biggles"

    As somebody who learned Spanish and Portuguese, my advice is to read the paper in Spanish. Also spend some time studying the grammar. An hour 3/4 times a week shouldn’t be too overbearing.

    Make your own flash cards of words you want to remember and work through them ten at a time . Keep doing each set until you get them all correct. Then revisit that set a few days later and repeat. Then leave it a week and repeat.

    It is called distributed active recall practice in the game and there is plenty of evidence that it is the most efficient way to learn.

    If you want to improve fast you will have to make a metal effort. That is touch at first, but the good news is once you’ve done the hard yards it becomes dead easy.

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