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    Re: Cartier Cake Bake! Archived Message

    Posted by PhilRobbie on 7/5/2021, 5:01 pm, in reply to "Re: Cartier Cake Bake!"

    Not happening Iím afraid...The Cake & Fancy Public Trading division of the government have unfortunately stepped in.
    Apparently someone has reported the Hampton Rampton cake to the dept. for being not only highly illegal but also of foul moneyís on The Dingler, itís the sort of petty behaviour that heís prone to use.
    Theyíve sent round the fabled ĎCake & Biscuit S.W.A.T.í team to deal with us so as my staff are sat in the bin shed trembling with fear Iím up in my rooms cowering behind my settee.
    Marksmen have positioned themselves on the opposite roof above one of the ridiculous shops where some idiot can sell you a monogrammed silk handkerchief but not a loaf of bread...then seems surprised when it goes bankrupt after 3 months.
    Iíve been here 6 hours now.
    Itís a stand-off of epic proportions!

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