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    this time last year and some wise words Archived Message

    Posted by bang em in bingham on 5/5/2021, 1:27 pm

    "Despite the obvious disappointment of the season shutting down abruptly and the uneasiness of no closure as of yet, I have enjoyed the many positives of this period. Iíve been able to enjoy all those things that work starts to block out - time with family, time to yourself and time to stop spinning. Becoming centred again with constant reminders of your families love and the important things in life like health and freedom. Appreciating those around us in our homes, in our community and society as a whole who are looking out for us. Being able to step back and enjoy the beautiful bounty of time. Time to do those little things undone; time to spend on the floor playing little games; time to recover what you used to do; time to read those books that were welcome presents but annoyed you because the reminded you of the lack of time and energy you had for the extras in life.
    Is this a vision of what it looks like out of work, being retired or stepping away from everything. Maybe itĎs a reminder to us of the value of our job, our work and what we can give to society, whilst itís unfulfilled. Or perhaps a vision of what itís like without, and that jolts a new found respect for what we do, and how that defines who we are. Whichever or whatever, I feel better for the break. I am blessed with no need or for that matter any greed. So not for me or the great work I want to achieve, but for all those that have fear or need, I canít wait for the wheels of the world to start turning again." Jim Gannon

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