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    Posted by The Exiled Exile on 9/4/2020, 12:19 pm, in reply to "Spain"

    In Spain, Easter is huge. Far bigger than Christmas, New Years Day, Columbus Day (Spain's national day.)

    For the 1st time since 1936, Semana Santa celebrations have been cancelled. Understandably perhaps, they aren't happy about this.

    Very strictly enforced road blocks are trying to stop people flooding out of the big cities to their coastal retreats. Predictably, the locals in the coastal retreat areas support this move. Inevitably, some get through. However, when they open up their properties, they have to open their shutters, doors etc giving away the fact that they have got through. We are all on shutter watch. If we see shutters going up, we are being told to report it to the police/Guardia.

    I may live here but I won't make any pretence that I understand Spanish politics. We have an English speaking radio station based in nearby Mojacar (Spectrum FM) and all my info is coming via them.

    There is dissent, no doubt about it. Vox, the far right political party and 3rd largest party in Spain are behind a lot of it we are led to believe.

    However, purely based on my own observations, the vast majority are still fully behind their Government and the restrictions.

    From my own personal point of view. I'm much happier being under the much stricter conditions I'm under in Spain than I would be if I was still in Britain.

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