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    Posted by Marion on 9/4/2020, 11:45 am, in reply to "Re: Spain"

    Possibly just Madrid ?

    Biggles - Here is more of the article,hope its of interest.

    After a series of missteps, his administration is increasingly being blamed for failing to get a grip on the disease. Both daily new cases and deaths resumed their upward trajectory on Wednesday, with fatalities reaching 14,555, the most in the world per capita. A national lockdown was already extended through April 25.

    “This has been appalling from the start,” said Javier Dueñas, 59, a builder who lives in the Retiro neighborhood of Madrid who just joined the protests against the government. “They should pay a price for all of this.”

    Just 28% of Spaniards approve of the efforts by their government to deal with the outbreak, compared with 35% three weeks ago, according to a GAD3 poll published Monday by Spanish newspaper ABC.

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