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    Posted by stevie57 on 22/2/2020, 4:56 am, in reply to "Re: Klopp"

    It’s not only the spelling; the pronunciation of even some relatively simple foreign names is generally abysmal on all the media. Some names are admittedly difficult, but many are not and are simply lazily either mis-pronounced or Anglicised.
    It is almost ten years (2011 unbelievably) since Luis Suarez came to Liverpool, yet he is universally referred to as ’Louis’, even by the likes of Jamie Carragher. What’s so difficult about pronouncing it as ‘lwis’?
    The propensity to apply a phoney French accent to any and all foreign names in the hope of making them sound something like authentic becomes ridiculous with a language like Italian where the soft‘ j‘ sound in the middle of ‘Bonjour’ simply does not exist. Thus we endlessly have to listen to Jan (with a soft French ‘bonjour’ ‘j’) Franco Zola for example; the correct pronunciation should be to pronounce the ‘Gia’ of Gian something like the ‘j’ sound of an English ’Jack’. Still with Italian, the very common sounds of ‘ci’ or ‘ce’ ( chee and chay), which become with the addition of the letter ’h’, ’chi’ (kee) and che (kay) are really not difficult but are endlessly mis-pronounced whenever they appear frequently in Italian sporting names.
    And don’t start me on the daily horror of ‘expresso’, to which my ‘espresso’ is invariably corrected by the server with the confidence and authority of the Emperor with no clothes.
    I’m sure others familiar with other languages could fill in the horrors they hear - I heard recently Jose Mourinho referred to as ‘Ho -szay’.
    Not saying we should be perfect, but I think we could try a bit harder.

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