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The Her2/Recurrence Board for Survivors

To post an entry to the board, please go to the bottom of this page and fill in the appropriate boxes, or click on [Post a Message] above. Please click the Breast Cancer Support site where there are posted hundreds of survivor experiences in the guestbooks. Some survivors view that the combined HER2/Recurrence board means that a Her2 survivor will most likely have a recurrence. That is not the case. We added the two subjects togther ONLY in the interest of having one board as opposed to two boards. We combined the surgery/reconstruction boards, etc. for the same reason. Please post your email address to avoid confusion with screen names. Thank you.

In Memory of Marcie Hinkel, the Board's Administrator

This board is semi-password protected to avoid spam. To post use username "post" and password "recur". No caps, please. Thanks for your patience.
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