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    Posted by railywayender100 on 2/9/2021, 2:53 pm, in reply to "Wilson"

    Exactly what these people do.There is a Head of Recruitment,Player Liaison Officer,Manager and 3 assistants who will be culled before him
    We missed out on Mullin and the guy from Borehamwood and I think Quigley was an easy option as he knows Rooney and apparently share the same agent.
    Hardly set the world alight preseason and seems injury prone
    BUT the worst signing was Rusk.Inexperienced in proper league football where results matter and just putting your arm around a player after a dreadful game is hardly what fans will tolerate.
    Wilson is full of s*it as demonstrated in the "tough" questions aimed at him by JK but he is Mark Stotts man and sadly I doubt he will go soon

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