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    Posted by SLomas on 31/8/2021, 10:44 pm, in reply to "Re: Grimsby"

    Well that was so disgustingly average and turgid, and quite frankly utterly boring 90 mins of football, the expense we've gone to and thats the best we can conjure up

    I know we have injuries with MSH, Minihan, Quigley out and Fish on international duty but the balance of the squad is terrible

    Considering players at disposal today have to ask is 3-4-1-2 the best shape for that.

    Grimsby were utter shite just a team of cloggers who didnt have to work hard to gain their point it was oh so easy for them as we just don't stretch teams or move the ball around well enough or with any intensity

    Bar the back line the team lacks a presence, it looked like the Sammy McIlroy midgets team, no outlet upfront so once again pumping aimless hopeless balls to Madden at about 5ft 9 which is never going to see him to his best effect, Reid was utterly dreadful again and whilst he's not an out and out target man he has to do more with his physique, missed one absolute sitter open net where all he had to do was make contact and use the pace already on the ball and took wild swing at it, the 2nd one was slightly more difficult as it was marginally behind him but once again he has to make a better contact

    It speaks volumes with how much we've spent we started season a striker light and ended up with Tom Walker partnering Madden is piss poor

    The back 3 as a unit defensively did well and were rarely troubled, Palmer excellent again, thought Keane did well and was also willing to step out and create overlaps and overloads which allowed us to get in behind them twice, Barclay on the other side is sound defensively but adds no balance to the side with no left foot, lost count the amount of times he should have stepped up to help out Rydel and create overlaps on that side and he just never did it with some wild swings into touch with left peg

    Thought Whitfield did pretty well considering he's a left winger asked to play right wing back, Hogan seemed a more logical selection to me there

    Croasdale broke up play well but we know he can't pass but didnt have a bad game by any stretch, Rooney was ok but lack of willing runners in the side mean there was little options for him, Raikhy showed some nice touches and clever reverse passes to suggest he will be an asset

    All in all you can't say we were awful, we were just timid and tame and haven't done anywhere near enough as the home side to win it again

    What really annoys and frustrated me is going into last 15 mins when ball goes out of play we just trot over to take another awful throw in, instead of showing any tempo or desire to want to get the ball back in play quickly and at least give the impression we are desperate and hungry to go for all 3 points, we dont look like we want it enough

    Just come away feeling short changed that we havent thrown the kitchen sink at them, could have wrote that down as 0-0 after 10 mins as it was 2 bang average sides showing very little idea of how to create

    Lets FFS get a proper target man who can weigh in with his fair share in its an absolute necessity now, especially when we can't play through teams to make up for the lack of presence

    Im not a throw the toys out the pram and being a mard arse every time we dont win, but i expect to see some passion and desire about us and it looks like these players on the whole have a lot to learn on what County fans like to see, they all need to spend an hour listening to the likes of Minihan, Hinchliffe, Palmer and Keane explain to them what it takes to be part of a successful County side and the mannerisms and passion we want to see in the way they conduct themselves, cos whilst we are far from a bad side we just don't look like it matters enough to them all, that extra 10% in intensity and instilling that County way into them would go a long way in turning us into a force

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