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    Posted by SLomas on 28/8/2021, 7:37 pm, in reply to "Good game, Good game "

    Well season off and running and can say its a resolute, dogged away performance but that was largely dire for me, but we desperately needed a result any which way we got it today so take it and move on

    It was one for the old guard that Palmer was MOM by a mile ignore the numpties on commentary, Keane slotted in well and Hinchliffe and MSH also played well, thought Barclay did well too, they showed the heart, desire and passion we expect and showed some of the newer breed up

    But we have to control games better in middle of park again much better than that to show the quality and consistency needed to mount a challenge

    The substitution of Raikhy made us worse rather than better and we saw that Collar and Croasdale arent a partnership who will get us to where we need to be, Collar is a passenger, Croasdale was better defensively today and made some crucial blocks but still cant pass wind

    Madden was shoved out to right 2nd half and put a shift in, Reid was piss poor and like playing with 10, i know he isnt a target man but he spent most of time offside and is utter rubbish off the ball and in the channels, we need a Target Man desperately with Quigley now out for some time

    It wasnt much of a spectacle or performance that will live long in memory but hopefully it settles us down and we improve going forward, cos plenty will have been watching us there and will see where we can be vulnerable and wont be too unduly worried based on that

    Thought the referee was excellent and didnt fall for all their rolling about and shithousery in wake of vociferous home crowd and their players

    Convincing home performance tuesday now needed, I'd be bringing Hogan back in at back and moving Keane into midfield

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