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    Posted by PhilRobbie on 4/5/2021, 9:12 pm

    ...that I didn’t react to suggestions on here to attempt to nobble the Torquay game so the County faithful could watch the game live at a later date.

    There was good reason for this.

    Plans have been afoot for the last few weeks with our usual trail at another game to iron out any possible errors.
    For those watching the City game this evening, our test run is still evident...and not quite ready.
    Nearly, but no cigar!

    We at Cartier industries have learned a lot already from the experiment and I fully expect 100% success for our match.

    Earlier this evening The Dingler aimed the human cannonball cannon towards Maine Road, Spangle re-aimed it for The Etihad 🙄...and a clearly worried Hampton nervously clambered into the contraption.
    Hampton (complete with parachute and trouser legs full of ice cubes) was as always, complaining. This time he was moaning because he couldn’t feel his legs. I reminded him loss of access to the knees is a price worth paying when he will be able to cheer the open deck bus parade, albeit from a wheelchair, that will once again bring Edgeley to a halt!

    With the time honoured cry of ‘GODSPEED HAMPTON!’ our hero was fired towards Manchester!

    The plan was simple.
    Hampton would pull the parachute R.I.P. cord (...see what I did there?) near the ground then descend above the stadium furiously wobbling his legs thus releasing the ice cubes creating mayhem with the weather.

    He’d then control the guy ropes to land on his get away vehicle and be driven home by the fast peddling Oaf whilst sat shivering on the handlebars.

    A bit needs doing but I won’t get a full report until Hampton thaws out and can speak.
    I’m guessing more height and considerably more leg wobbelage may be the order of the day.

    Watch this space!

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