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    Help the Hatters Shirt Auction Update Archived Message

    Posted by hedgegrower on 22/2/2021, 9:18 am

    Help the Hatters/ Handy Ladies Shirt Auction – 2

    The first part of our auction raised £160 in support of Help the Hatters and the Handy Ladies for the white replica shirt donated by I o M Hatter Phil Addy ( details of winner will follow ), which was brilliant!
    You can check out Handy Ladies here:-
    But we still have to get back to the unfinished business of our blue/white striped shirt which was incorrectly sized as L when it is in fact Y size.
    We null and voided all received offers due to this situation and extended the effort to noon on 27 February with offers zeroed.
    These are the details of the replica shirt , and we again invite offers…..
    Blue/ White broad stripe from late nineties size Y. Signed by County team in 98/99 IoM Tournament on front and Brett Angell on the back.
    We are adding a couple of copy team sheets from that tournament and….
    …..thanks to Help the Hatters stalwart Mike O`Brien a copy of the tournament programme.
    Offers to hedgegrower before 12 noon on 27 February.
    Thank you for your support!
    Help the Hatters

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