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    Re: Help the Hatters Shirt Auction Update Archived Message

    Posted by hedgegrower on 20/2/2021, 8:51 am, in reply to "Re: Help the Hatters Shirt Auction Update"

    Shirt Auction Latest.

    1.White replica of an eighties County shirt size 42/44 Top Offer so far is 160- offers end noon today

    2. Blue/ White broad stripe from late nineties Signed by County team in 98 IoM Tournament on front and Brett Angell on the back.
    Regrettably the size of this shirt was advertised incorrectly as being `L` when it was in fact US `L`/ UK `Y`.
    As a consequence the Blue/White Shirt portion of the effort will be extended until 27 February, but all offers thus far received will be cancelled , reducing the top received offer to nil again.
    The hapless organiser, in apologising for this ridiculous state of affairs, guarantees that neither Help the Hatters or Handy Ladies will suffer due to this, and will thus personally make up the difference between the final top offer on the 27 February and the 101 that held sway last evening.

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