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    National League - Continuation or cancellation? Archived Message

    Posted by Roblee on 18/2/2021, 5:38 pm

    Voting is currently underway. 66 clubs covering the 3 national leagues. Voting deadline is the end of the month but the result should be known before that.
    Clubs can only apply for repayment loans from Sports England. No govt funding grants. I suspect it will be a close run things.
    Many Club Chairman do not want to take on repayment loans. There seems little hope of crowds returning and clubs getting income from that.
    So far in our League 3 clubs - Wealdstone, Dover and Kings Lynn are voting for cancellation. Sutton , Notts County , Chesterfield and Hartlepool are voting to continue. Wrexham are abstaining because of their location they cannot access any financial support.
    County are voting for continuation so far as I know.

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