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    Posted by North Cyprus Hatter on 17/2/2021, 7:12 am

    Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon everybody. I hope you are all recovering after that game last night, was pretty dull from my perspective.

    Admin have kindly granted permission to let you all know about an alternative County message board.
    Initially it was set up because the last owners of this board thought it would go belly up any time soon? I am pleased that it seems to had a bit of a revival lately, maybe its a culture thing.

    Anyway back to the new board. We only have 50 registered and thats ok, they seem to be a kindly bunch on there, Marion likes to talk to himself but thats OK, and by the way he did not set the board up.

    Can I say this is NOT competition for this or any other board, the proboard is going well good luck to them, as are one or two other boards.

    At the end of the day we are all County fans and want the best for the club, the new manager in my opinion has not made the best of starts, however give him time he may come good, I hope so.

    Sorry to rattle on folks, come and have a peep if you wish we dont bite. Many thanks to admin for allowing this post and for taking the roll on, good luck on Saturday and 3 points.

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