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    Posted by Coop Board on 9/2/2021, 8:53 am

    Stockport Voices- Add Yours to the Mix !

    We made reference previously to contact that had been made to the Supporters Cooperative by Stockport`s Garrick Theatre, about possible collaboration twixt the two organisations, and we are pleased to give this update.
    It is a couple of years since the Garrick did a performance piece called ``Stockport
    Voices`-a series of monologues about life in Stockport, based on interviews with people who
    live/work in the town.
    The Cooperative were happy to get involved , and in this regard Supporters Cooperative member Phil Robinson did much good work to put together some County content for what was a very interesting and worthwhile project.
    Well, the Garrick and ourselves think that the time is ripe to re-visit this excellent idea, and this time focussing `Stockport Voices` exclusively on County within the theatre groups `Festival of Theatre`.
    There is a rich vein of history to go at- a life time of material, but it's not just the team but reminiscing about the characters, the incidents, the places, you remember- the where….when….that will make it live !
    Tell us about your County memories, but first send in your contact details ( phone/ email) to
    Supporters Cooperative Chair- Pete Towey ( PM Fundi on Marionsboard).

    The Garrick will ultimately , use the stories from the Coop members plus other County fans, and collate these into a script , either using the County story tellers ( if they are up for it) or actors for a Zoom performance initially , and then….who knows!

    We think this is a great idea , and we hope you agree and join us in putting it together!

    Stockport County Supporters Cooperative

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