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    Re: Dosser's MOTM Archived Message

    Posted by Red Hatter on 7/2/2021, 10:58 am, in reply to "Re: Dosser's MOTM"

    Doss, do you have the first clue about football?

    If you want an example of a useless, over paid tit palming the ball out in front of him, watch De Gea last night against Everton.
    Watch from 5 mins in;

    Ben however palmed the ball well out to the side, so the on coming attacker couldn't follow up and score.

    Also watch the absolute cowardise for Everton's third on 8 mins. Should have put his body on the line and got that. Ben would have done that all day.

    Big difference, except one of these keepers is paid 350k a week!

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