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    Posted by Onchan Hatter on 5/2/2021, 4:17 pm

    Donít know if anyone who doesnít have BT Sport and is thinking of signing up, but thought Iíd share my experience. Tried to sign up for a 1 month pass an hour or so before the Notts Co game so I could also get the West Ham game. Signed up but despite several reminders never got the pass code to access the stream. Seems it can in some cases take a couple of days to complete the process if they are busy so be warned. And once you are in they take the cash out every month until you cancel. The only way to cancel is to phone and it can take up to 40 mins to get any body to deal with you. I got a refund 3 weeks later but they sent me a cheque instead of refunding my card. So now I have to try to find a Bank thatís still open! Anyway a friend put me on to an app he uses and I can get the BT stream for free. Itís called Live Player

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