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    Posted by Yeti on 3/2/2021, 11:17 am, in reply to "Discuss"

    Ben's been great for us and I think he deserves to be cut a little slack.

    Goalkeeper errors are generally costly and always high profile yet others in the team make plenty more mistakes which often go unnoticed/unpunished.

    Ben has been a standout performer for, how long is it, 4 years? He's a great keeper although distribution would be one of his weaker areas. So why do we keep passing it back to him to launch forward.........and particularly on that pitch last night?

    Yes, the og was a real bish but I don't think anyone who has seen Hogan's horrendous back pass would blame Ben 100%. Ironically, if Ben had left it, it would have flown out for a corner but he didn't, tried to control it and it went in.

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