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    Posted by Ken Riley on 2/2/2021, 10:41 pm, in reply to "Re: Hogan"

    Whilst we canít be sure, I agree that our budget in 18/19 was probably top 3, but what did he deliver? The title. Look at the other teams that season with supposed big budgets - York, Southport, Kidderminster - where did they finish? Where did their big budgets get them?

    As far as I recall not one player in that time cost money to buy, but with shrewd purchases, good coaching and tactics and sheer hard work we got results.

    Let us also not forget that when he took over in 15/16 crowds were well down. As he delivered better results, crowds went up, club income went up and his budget went up. Itís all linked and he was integral.

    Ok, you didnít enjoy the style of football, but history shows that teams with the best defensive records are usually the most successful. He delivered a team that was successful, improved year after year and maximised what resources we had.

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