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    Boreham Wood - dodgy tactics/action needed. Archived Message

    Posted by Roblee on 28/1/2021, 8:07 am

    In their game with Chesterfield(1-1)this week Boreham Wood manager Luke Garrard admitted that he got his goalkeeper - Nathan Ashmore - to feign injury so he could get instructions out to players and reorganize the shape of his team. This occurred midway through the first half for two minutes at a time Chesterfield were dominating the game. The tactic he said had worked well and afterwards his team played much better. For him to undertake and admit this sort of gamesmanship is ridiculous. It is cheating and FA action needs to be taken against them. The incident reminded me of a similar game - possibly again against Boreham Wood last season - where a crazy goalkeeper constantly delayed the game by several minutes when they were leading by pretending he was injured and could not take goal kicks etc. Then suddenly when his team conceded the lead he flew around fully fit - running quickly, taking long kicks etc. I know a bit of this goes on in teams but Boreham Wood seem to be regularly and blatantly taking this to a whole new level.

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