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    Posted by topperscounty on 24/1/2021, 9:32 am

    Iím not claiming to be ITK and never have done, but people trust me not to spin it or make it out to be something it is not!

    Conlon wants to stay at county but is also very loyal to JG. his next meeting is Wednesday or Thursday, he has also been told if the new manager/gers want you then we would like to have you , if not, sorry but it is their call.

    There was no bust up between J.Jennings and gannon where fists flew, Jennings has in fact been struggling with covid and unable to get back to full fitness as of yet.

    The next manager/gers isnít very clear. If you listen to everybody on the other board then rusk is the next manager and that is it! But every single person I have spoken too has said that is not the case and it is the cowley brothers. I was even told to put a bet on it. But.... I have also have a friend who is close to what goes on up in Lincoln and he says there is not a chance!

    I think an appointment will be made Wednesday/Thursday so I guess we will all know by then!

    Also with regards to gannon. He was and will always be a club legend and what has happened has happened, but as fans and as a club we must move on from this and give the next person at the helm our full support, They did not sack gannon!

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