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    Some people are never happy Archived Message

    Posted by Mustafapoint on 23/1/2021, 5:00 pm

    What is the problem that the GOB members had/have?

    One of our most successful managers ever.
    As has been opined by a certain member of the above group, Gannon had a bigger budget than others. So what? A manager's job is to bring success and he did, and in football is littered with managers with big budgets who didn't succeed.
    Also stated was that he had no success elsewhere. Well, I don't support Port Vale, Motherwell or Peterborough I support Stockport County, so what JG did elsewhere is irrelevant to me, a County fan. He was very successful here.

    I really think some people are never happy. I remember reading the Bild Zeitung (think Germany's equivalent of The Sun) after the finak whistle when Germany won The World Cup in 2014, and some people were criticising Joachim Lw, the German manager. Did they want jam on top?

    Certain people have described fans of JG as 'happy clappers'. Well, these critics have themselves become happy clappers of Mr.Stott. Perhaps they can ask him to rename the Vernon Stand the GOB stand?

    PS If a member of the GOB was to win the lottery, they'd probably moan at the fact they had to pay 2 for a ticket.

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