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    Posted by Roblee on 22/1/2021, 10:49 am, in reply to "Re: JK and the live stream"

    In some ways Jim is a bit like Trump - he is a determined character who does things his way and has built a big supporter base at the Club. He shows loyalty to people/players and people are loyal to him. He has been around for a long time and he has been a sensible, stable figure through all the storms and uphevals the Club have gone through over the last decade and more. He has steadily improved things on the playing side and his approach has generally been to build and develop younger players to the point where they gel into a successful team. He has many good points but he is certainly not faultless and without his critics.
    As others here have said we are not a one man Club. And my loyalty is always to the Club through thick or thin , good decisions and bad. There have been good managers before Jim Gannon and there will be good managers after him.
    In football it is the owner who determines who his manager will be. It is not a fans choice - we tried the fans trust thing and it proved disastrous. The owner puts his money in and he , or she , makes that decision. Mark Stott has bought into the Club to the tune of a million pounds and more. The investment and improvements are there for all to see. He needs to be shown respect for that. He might have made a mistake by dispensing with Jim Gannons services but it is his right to do it. I am sure Jim will have been treated fairly on his departure and he is likely to get other job offers sooner rather than later. Time will tell how things work out. Fans will have to hope for the best and wait and see.

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