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    Posted by PhilRobbie on 19/1/2021, 11:47 am, in reply to "Lucky you Phil."

    The year was 1977 and we had some sort of Cheshire Bowl game at home...I was supping in the Unity after work and was really toying with the idea of spending the entrance fee on beer and not bothering to walk up to EP in the rain (it was a non-event game anyway)
    An elderly gentleman in a County scarf approached me (I recognised him as D. Jacket) and asked what time I was leaving for the ground...he looked at me with contempt as I mentioned that I was probably going to give the game a swerve and told me how he had it on good authority that a high court writ had been served and it looked like this would be the last ever County game!
    With this devastating news he exited the pub and left towards the game in the pouring rain.
    I was in shock!
    Of course I drained my pint of bitter and sallied forth to the historic event.
    On arrival at the ground I asked about four stalwarts in the sparse attendance about the writ...they all looked at me with scepticism and asked if I had been talking to Dosser, when I mentioned that I had they openly laughed at me....thatís when I noticed the old fool smirking at me.

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