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    We’re all still suffering from.... Archived Message

    Posted by PhilRobbie on 16/1/2021, 2:08 pm

    .....CUP FEVER!

    That’s right!
    After we were knocked out of The FA Cup last Monday our collective spirits were knocked slightly sideways...but with The FA Trophy we can still be Wembley bound!
    Unfortunately it’s doubtful if we’ll be allowed in...but....
    DON’T PANIC!...
    Cartier Industries have come to the rescue YET AGAIN!
    One of our crack business negotiators was riding his bike around Stockport Town Centre the other day and stopped for his usual liquid lunch in front of Greggs.
    A gentleman who coincidentally was also cracking a can of Special Brew apparently approached him and after a drunken conversation he offered Oaf an incredible deal that he was willing to offload for a nominal fee.
    Oaf cycled to the nearest working phone box (5 miles away) to give me the mystery man’s contact details.
    I made haste to the meeting place (top of the Plaza Steps as the police had ‘moved him on’ from outside Greggs for his foul and abusive language whilst shouting at the pigeons)
    The gentleman (who only referred to himself as Hammered Arthur) gave me a deal for 12 County fans to attend Wembley Stadium!
    I mentioned that I wasn’t sure that the powers that be would allow access....but Hammered gave me a knowing smile as he re-adjusted the rope holding up his strides.
    He was obviously ‘in the know’ ...
    I’d advise folk to book early as this is a one off opportunity NOT to be missed!
    Here are the details.

    1) You pay me (on behalf of Cartier Industries) £98.32 via a pm on here.

    2) THAT’S IT!’re done! All you have to do is stand outside Greggs in Mersey Square on the morning of the match and Oaf & Hampton will distribute your tickets.


    Hampton is at Bargain Booze to collect my payment to ‘Hammered’ as I type this..


    Don’t ask me how we do it here a Cartier Industries...we just do!
    ...So, I urge you again to message me as soon as humanely possible to rubber stamp your ‘FA Trophy 2000’ golden ticket!

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