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    Posted by Whitey on 9/4/2020, 2:57 pm, in reply to "Re: Cryptocurrency"

    Thats the bit I couldn't get my head around for ages.

    Its like going on holiday and buying dollars. The exchange rate from one country to the next can make you better or worse off.

    As a type of crypto is used more ( utlity) its called the value of it goes up, just as the bgp fluctuated downwards for years as other countries gdp increased we sued to get 2 to 1 .

    So you'd buy crypto now in the hope that its value goes up because people start to use it.

    You'd also want to use crypto if you was a business for the following :-

    Today you own a bar. You need cash. So in come a group of 40 people and spend 4000 but pay by card. You have a pretty big transaction fee and then have to wait a while for the money to be free to spend again and replace your stock. The saying cash is king in business etc. So whilst you wait for this 4k to clear you can't re open your bar again because you have no stock.

    Bring on the same with crypto. Take bitcoin for eg. It can get you your money in a few hours for a much smaller fee. Or csc can get you your money in seconds for an even smaller fee. Meaning you can restock and the same day. With crypto also. There is no messed up transaction. It either goes through or dosnt, non of this phoning the bank to be told give it a week to see if the money comes back.

    So take the gambling industry they can have their money instant as too can gamers with csc and save millions in fees. That's a no brainer for any business owner.

    Hope that helps.

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