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    The Lockdown Quiz Day 4 - Tonight @ 9.00pm Archived Message

    Posted by Des Jnr on 9/4/2020, 12:27 pm

    We're on to Day 4 of The Lockdown Quiz tonight, still with a 100% record of County fans clinching the title. RossSCFC pipped Fuzzbox to 1st place last night, in a quiz that included rounds such as Poo and More Poo (yes, genuinely).

    The quiz starts at 9.00pm, lasting for around 40 minutes, and it's free to play. There's 50 questions in total, across 10 different subjects. A nice mix of fun, clever and interesting questions, with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. Invite your friends and family to play along as well, and see if any of you can make the Top 10!

    As always, we've got our usual General Knowledge and On This Day rounds tonight. We've also got questions on Turkey, and a very special round on Biscuits. The other 6 rounds, we'll leave as a surprise for now!

    Every night, the winner of the quiz gets a 10 Gift Voucher, which can be used at any of our Murder Mystery events across the UK, once things get back to normal.

    Finally, I've set up my own Ko-fi account, which is a website that lets content creators accept small donations. If you enjoy Day 4 of the quiz tonight, and you'd like to give your quizmaster a 1 tip (as someone self-employed whose work and events have all been cancelled until June at the earliest, he really would appreciate it) you can do so via the following link: or PayPal directly.

    See you at 9.00 tonight!

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