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    Posted by cobralager on 5/3/2020, 1:34 pm

    Looking for a little memory jog, someone asked me when I first went to county..I don't recall though it was definitely 1989-91...I used to stand in the corner of the main stand where it went round into the old Cheadle end, I sort of recall a 3-1 home defeat to Scarborough or someone with David redfearn in goal..but the game I do vaguely recall was (I think) a night game, also (I think) it was against hartlepool and I remember Kevin Francis scoring in the Cheadle end in the last minute, think it was a corner and he rose what seemed higher than the cross bar.. I think this made it 1-1..may of been the winner but im sure it was an equaliser...I Remember Paul Williams warming up in front of me in the corner, the big one not the full back.. can anyone remember this game? No luck on Google so maybe im mixed up.. the Francis towering header in the last minute definitely happened though!

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