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    mobile phone (non county) Archived Message

    Posted by whinchathatter on 5/3/2020, 11:43 am

    I was wondering if ANYONE can help

    My daughters phone has given up the ghost and trying to send it back to Virgin (under warranty) but they sent it back saying wrong phone sent (she only has one) ... so having to send AGAIN.

    She is a midwife and needs a phone (especially when on her night shift.

    Was wondering if any county fan on here can help.... and they may have a half decent phone we can just borrow until hers is fixed.

    I was going to just give her mine until it comes back but with Virgin who knows how long that would be

    Long shot but hoping someone out there maybe able to help ....

    thanks in advance

    Graham (Whinchat Hatter)

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