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    Posted by Fallowfield Hatter on 21/1/2020, 11:54 pm, in reply to "Saturday "

    Seems like Stott wants a more attacking formation
    Did you glean that from the bit of his interview where he said Jim has done a wonderful job with a small budget and will be rewarded with a larger budget? If anything, he'll probably think we're just fine continuing with the system that's served us so well, only with an extra few players of FL quality. If he's as much of a football fan as he says he is, he'll probably know it's advisable to leave the running of the football side to the qualified football manager that's in place.

    Stott mentioned he was looking at the message board
    He actually said he wasn't one for reading message boards, but he's seen one or two. If I was him and I'd read this place, I'd think three things:
    1. 'This Gannon fella is obviously well thought of, I'll give him the tools to continue doing a great job.'
    2. 'Edgeley Park is important to these fans, let's improve it and stay here forever.'
    3. 'Christ, this Bumble fella is a bit weird. I hope they're not all like this otherwise heaven only knows what I've let myself in for.'

    Do people think the board before Stott brought these players in?
    Yes, because that's exactly what JK and JG have said.

    Know (sic) more every 1 (sic) back at corners
    JG has brought everyone back for corners for nearly a decade and a half. Hence the fact we don't tend to concede from corners.

    Top insight though Bumble, you've really done your homework there. Great stuff.

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