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    Posted by oakwoodbank on 4/12/2019, 11:32 pm, in reply to "RAC such a letdown "

    This is a copy of my report from 17th December 2010.

    I Had a terrible experience on Wednesday. [2010] I was driving home from Dolgellau to LL_Y_M, Anglesey and started to overtake a lorry when all the power went and I had to pull in. Engine dead. Time 3-45pm. Another motorist who was behind me stopped and came to talk with me. He must have been local because he said you won't get a mobile signal here it is too enclosed by forest trees. So he kindly took me up the road to the Forestry Commission Centre shop and cafe at Coed-y-Brennin where there was a landline.

    They telephoned the VW Rescue Service and they said someone would be with me in 45 minutes. Time 4-20. One of the Forestry Commission Rangers then took me (and my dog Katie) back to the car where we sat in the lowering temperature awaiting rescue.

    At 5.30 no one had arrived and the lady from the Centre who had made the 'phone call for me passed in her car; stopped and said, "Are you still here?Ē She stayed for a while and then she said she would drive further down the road and 'phone the Rescue Service again, which she did. She kindly returned to say that the Rescue vehicle was on its way.

    We sat and waited and the temperature had by then dropped to 3 degC. Eventually I telephoned the Police as, for some reason, my mobile managed to get a response for the 999 call. They said they would call the Rescue Service again but couldn't call me back because of the 'no signal'.

    I waited and waited and still no rescue! Eventually an RAC Engineer arrived Time 7-20pm.

    He towed me up the road for a short distance so that the car could be off the main road. He checked the system and after a lot of work, having cleared out the boot and taken out the rear seat squabs, he eventually put his computer into the car's system and he found that a couple of electronic relays had failed and that had caused the fuel supply to the engine to stop.

    He tried to do a temporary repair but because the relays were very inaccessible and the item he was using didn't seem to fit he said that he couldn't do a repair. He then decided he would have to get out the carrying tray and load my car onto it and take it and us home.

    Then!! He found the tray was broken and it couldn't be used. Apparently it had been reported but it hadn't been repaired. So, he then said he would make contact with the nearest rescue company any would send out another vehicle to take us home. He had to leave in order to make the telephone call and of course couldn't 'phone me back to say what was going to happen. He had said the journey for the second vehicle would be about 45 mins. He left me at 8-20 pm. by which time we had been outside the car for an hour and we were getting very cold. I couldn't use the car heater as of course the engine wouldn't start.

    After an hour and when the other vehicle hadn't arrived I telephoned the Police again (999) and they got in touch with the Rescue Service who told the police that the vehicle was 20 mins away from reaching me. Time 9.20 pm. I waited and still no sign of it. Eventually by 9-50 an off-duty police woman passed and she stopped and said that she had heard part of the messages about my dilemma. She then went back to her station at Dolgellau to make another 'phone call and to get a police car as she could take me and Katie in her car.

    Eventually at 10-20 pm the rescue vehicle arrived. It hadn't come from the local area. The driver had been contacted at home in Abergele; then he had to drive to Conwy to get the Rescue Vehicle an then drive all the way to me which must have been almost a 100 miles.

    Just after he arrived so did the police and when they were satisfied that I was OK and didnít need to go to hospital (I had told them I was worried about hyperthermia) they left.

    He loaded the car onto his vehicle whilst I was getting warmer in his cab. He couldn't take Katie in the cab so she had to stay in the car. We arrived at BGI at 1am. The car was unloaded on the drive and we went in to recover.

    So, all in all, I am very fortunate to be sitting here typing this or but for the goodness of other people someone might have been typing my obituary!

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