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    Stewards at Barnet Archived Message

    Posted by Irish Hatter on 17/11/2019, 2:13 am

    I read with interest the comment that our fans who arrived early were given a less than warm welcome to the Barnet ground - we arrived a moment before kickoff and we quickly started to notice a steward wearing a blue jacket who just looked angry at everything
    As we got into the second half his attitude got progressively even worse and he stomped around just looking for any county fans to ‘sort out’
    When we scored our late winner I noticed a County fan had run down from his seat to celebrate in an area behind the net but not beyond the wall surrounding the pitch
    Blue cost had his victim and as we left the ground shortly afterwards the fan seemed to be escorted towards a waiting police van with our survey faced friend in close attendance
    Does anyone know if the said county fan got arrested - I really hope not and that he got home safely

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