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    Re: England steal SCAN system? Archived Message

    Posted by SCAN on 1/11/2019, 10:19 am, in reply to "England steal SCAN system?"

    In fairness the SCAN scheme was prompted by numbers on cricket shirts and our realisation that in our illustrious history we had more professional players than any other FL club. In short, this was our scheme to "own" if we wanted it. When the SCAN scheme was launched in 2010 we knew we were the first football club to do this. No other football club was referencing these numbers and when we approached the FA and FL both acknowledged we were the first to ask if we could add these to the shirts. Sadly we were refused as they deemed this not to be a "commemorative occasion". Since then other clubs have followed us (often led by Former Player Associations) culminating in Bradford City announcing this season they were the first club to add these to their shirts! Notably at our level AFC Fylde have the number 2022 on their sleeve to represent their target year for entering the FL. Clearly the precedent has been set and we have spoken to the Club and our hope is that these numbers will soon be added to shirts.

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