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    Posted by Mozzer on 25/10/2019, 12:28 pm, in reply to "Re: Democracy?"

    I should have noted that the quote I lifted was from the latest report, which was the third time the same application had been in front of the CEC Planning Committee. It was, therefore, essentially an update and summary on what had been previously mentioned. Here is a fuller consideration from the June 2-019 report:

    Policy SE13 of the CELPS states that developments must integrate measures for sustainable
    water management to reduce flood risk, avoid an adverse impact on water quality and
    quantity within the borough and provide opportunities to enhance biodiversity, health and
    recreation, in line with national guidance.
    The majority of the site is located within flood zone 1with some areas adjacent to Poynton
    Brook lying in flood zone 2. The site was allocated for residential development following an
    extensive local plan process, and the sequential test has been applied in line with national
    planning policy. Policy PG 6 of the CELPS identifies that an additional 650 dwellings should
    be provided at Poynton. In the absence of alternative, reasonably available sites within or
    immediately adjacent to Poynton for housing development with a lower probability of flooding,
    the allocation of Land Adjacent to Hazelbadge Road satisfies the Sequential Test.
    A site specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) carried out to inform the planning application
    should demonstrate that the proposed development would be safe from fluvial flooding, and
    would not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)
    initially raised some concerns regarding the details within the FRA, and discussions have
    taken place on site with the applicant.
    The LLFA has now confirmed that following a site walkover with the applicant and the
    submission of additional flood risk information, they have no objections to the proposal.
    There are however, a couple of points which need further consideration relating to an existing
    overgrown ditch line, and any possible connections to it. In addition further investigation
    should be carried out to identify whether a cut-off drain along the northern site boundary is
    required to manage potential overland flow due to the topography in this area. Accordingly,
    conditions are recommended which require the development to be carried out in accordance
    with the submitted FRA, and the submission of a surface water drainage strategy. Subject to
    these conditions, the proposal will comply with the requirements of policy SE13 of the CELPS.
    The Environment Agency also raises no objections to the proposal subject to conditions
    relating to groundwater and contaminated land.

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