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    Posted by Mozzer on 25/10/2019, 12:19 pm, in reply to "Democracy?"

    200 objected. How many people live in the area (let's conservatively estimate Poynton's population at 14,000)? How does the 'will of the many' look in that context?

    I say this to highlight how your starting point is probably unhelpful to your wider point, not to suggest their argument was wrong. And that is the important thing: Planning is not a referendum. It is about the weight of argument, not the weight of numbers behind it.
    Here is the extract from the report :

    "Flood Risk
    The proposed drainage scheme seeks to ensure that there will be no increase in the flow of
    water discharging to Poynton Brook through the use of hydrobrake manhole chambers,
    oversized pipes and cellular storage. The Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) states that the
    detailed drainage design will identify the specific requirements for the storm water storage.
    The LLFA has further considered the flood risk information submitted with the application,
    including the FRA, and stand by their previous response, which confirms that they have no
    objection to the proposal subject to conditions relating to carrying the development out in
    accordance with the submitted FRA, and the submission of a detailed surface water drainage

    I'm not going to comment on the rights or wrongs of that element of things, but the point is that just because a number of people object, it doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. If that were the case, frankly, almost nothing would ever get developed anywhere.

    Incidentally, if you buy a house on a flood plain and you didn't know it was a flood plain before you bought it, I'd sue your legal advisor for not making sure you knew this, not the people who approved the scheme.

    There is a fair bit of cynicism evident in the thread regarding corruption, but I suspect it is well wide of the mark here. Not least because the site to which all this applies was basically included in a Local Plan for the area that was independently inspected (during which Cheshire East took a robust kicking at times over their approach to housing) and was included as part of the means of CEC delivering the housing target for the area.

    Nevertheless, for those who like a story about a dodgy local authority CEC was a rich source of material for a while. They featured in Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs on a fairly regular basis though not so much recently. Google 'Michael Jones Cheshire East Council' and see where it takes you...

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