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    Posted by Stranded Hatter on 22/10/2019, 10:46 am, in reply to "Re: More Bury"

    Trouble is how could the league have stopped Dale selling to Day? Itís a private business sold to another owner. By the time the league was involved the club had already been sold, the league were attempting to apply the ďfit and proper personsĒ test (as laughably inadequate as that is) after the fact. If theyíd found him unsuitable what can they do then? Tell him to sell or they kick the club out? Because thatís what it looks like theyíve eventually done, in a roundabout way.

    I completely and unequivocally agree the league should be able to protect its clubs Iím just not sure how under the current framework.

    As far as I can see in order to be able to do that we have to completely alter the way football clubs are owned and operated (something Iíd be in favour of). Perhaps something like in American sports when owners donít own the clubs themselves but they own a share of the league and the league owns the clubs. Obviously not in the same way as we donít want a closed shop franchising system that they have but perhaps something along those lines.

    Itís entirely possible Iím missing something obvious here.

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