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    Posted by Mozzer on 22/10/2019, 10:38 am, in reply to "Re: More Bury"

    This whole thing is pitiful - what's in that article isn't news; it's the FL excusing its own shameful behaviour. We knew it was the case that they have to ratify the person under the FAPP test and also require proof that the buyer has the funds. We also all know FAPP is a feeble joke and has been since Day One, so let's disregard that. The issue is whether he ever had the funds - it would appear he did not. The question that needs to be asked is: Why was this not addressed before he bought the club? There is no point after the event concluding that the owner can't afford to run it. It is, as we have seen, shutting the stable door after the horse is several fields away. It beggars belief, frankly. If there are 'lessons to be learned' then they are lessons a 10 year old would have known. If you ask the question 'Do you have the money?' and the response is evasive or non-existent then that should set very loud alarm bells going. Those alarm bells should not mean that your response is: 'Oh, go on then. Buy the club. We'll sort all this out another time.'

    I have said all through this that, of course, those responsible for spending money Bury didn't have, are the one who should take the lion's share of the blame. But the FL should be there to protect clubs from shysters, as much as they are able. And on that point I do not think they have done anything like enough to protect Bury from irresponsible owners. They are able to do more. They have simply chosen not to.

    And when it boils down, this is what are you really left with: Fans, let down by owners and authorities.

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

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